What age group children do you cater for?

We work with children from ages 3+.

How many prizes (if any) do you give out at children’s birthday parties?

At our bronze and silver parties we give away ballon model prizes and try to ensure that each child does go home with a ballon model before the end of the party, this can vary if party sizes are particularly large.

What sort of games do you play?

We have range of different games to play and activities to do at birthday parties including:
Cotton Eye Joe Game
Dance competitions
Balloon Modelling
Magic Shows with volunteers
Piñata finales

How early should I book?

We recommend you book one of our entertainers as soon as possible. We can get very busy as we provide a whole range of entertainment for occasions such as children’s birthday parties to large cooperate events.

Can I order more party bags?

Of course you can. Please give us plenty of notice as to how many extra party bags you would like and for which age group.

Do I need to set up a craft area?

Not at all, that’s what we’re for! We will set up a crafts area including tables and craft equipment on arrival.

How much time do you need to set up and pack away?

It will take us approximately 30 minutes to set up equipment, perhaps a little longer if you have chosen our Platinum Party package and would like us to decorate your venue. Please let us know of any stairways or access routes which could make set up take a little longer than usual.

What type of face paint is used?

AJ Entertainers use top of the range face paint called Snazaroo which washes off easily with soap and water. Prior to any party we always check with the hosting adult(s) to see if any children have allergies to face paint.

How much space do you need?

We can work in pretty much any space. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, as long as any children have enough room to sit in a circle.

Do you cater for children with special needs or requirements?

Of course, we will discuss with hosting adult(s) prior to the party to ensure that appropriate care is provided for the child and all their needs catered for properly.

What equipment do you use?

We use a range of equipment for our events including:

Professional disco entertainment equipment
Professional disco entertainment lights
Powerful speakers
Magic props and puppets
Face paints and craft equipment
Bubble machines
Snow machines
Smoke machines

Can I have my event at home?

Of course you can, we can cater for any event inside your home or outdoors in the garden.

Is there a maximum number of guests?

Not at all, we will provide enough entertainers to ensure everyone has a great time and is able to get involved in the fun!

My child likes particular songs and games, can you incorporate these into the party?

Of course we can. We will discuss with hosting adult(s) prior to the birthday party to cater for any personal tastes or requirements.

What type of sweets do you provide?

We only provide sweets if the hosting adult(s) request them. We will discuss with you which type of sweets would be preferred for the party bags prior to the party too.

Can you provide references?

Yes we can, please see our “Testimonials” page for some superb references from some of our previous happy customers.

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